DIY Vintage Propaganda Posters

A while back we began experimenting with recreating old WWII era propaganda and recruiting posters.  After much trial and error, we are happy with the way they are turning out.  We wanted to be able to share an easy tutorial on how to make your own, but we kept holding off because each poster was … Read more

Lightroom Print Templates – You Learn Something New Everyday

Pinterest is Awesome.  I love scrolling through the pins and dreaming of food to make, houses to build, photos to take and exercises to do to work off the food I made.  Pinterest also drives good traffic to this website; so I have been creating a Pin for each of the themed photo shoots I … Read more


Have you seen the “Sanity First” sign by a Reddit dad? It probably goes without saying: Frozen is a big deal in our house.  Not a day goes by without our daughter singing any of the 400 versions of “Let it Go” we’ve seen on Youtube, dressing up as Elsa, trying to foist the character … Read more

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