Biker Gang

I love thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales (it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and I respect that too). When I was a little girl, I would go spend the weekend with my grandparents as often as I could so that I could go garage saling with them. I learned to bargain before I was in second grade, and for whatever reason, the salespeople always went along with me, so I 1). built a lot of confidence in my negotiating skills and 2). acquired a lot of cheap junk. I still have the negotiating skills.

My grandpa called me recently and told me that he had found a wooden motorcycle at a garage sale for $10. Did I want it?

“Is the sky blue?” Of course I wanted it! I hauled it home to Zach, who looked at the plain wood finish and said, “Cool, but we can make this better.” With a few cans of spray paint and some masking tape, he turned it into a respectable looking bike.

For the cosplay portion of our photo shoot, we found some cheap faux leather fabric at hobby lobby and churned out some costumes in about an hour on the sewing machine.  We went out on a deserted stretch of road and had some fun (I am not recommending this; I am just explaining what we did. I would never recommend that you take pictures of your children on a road).  For the picture with my son seemingly flying above the bike, my husband held his legs just off camera for the few seconds it took to get the shot.

By the way, this Lightroom preset is included in my Lightroom Preset Collection, available from my Etsy Shop.

A basic guide on how to put together a biker themed children's photo shoot with costume, prop, and location ideas and tutorials

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