Rosie the Riveter

Is there anything in this world better than an awesome photo shoot? Let me re-phrase that. Other than heavenly things like a new season of Sherlock or a banana split from Braum’s or Girl Scout cookie season or true love’s first kiss…. Don’t you love getting a good idea for a photo shoot? And even better … Read more

The Red Baron

When I was a little girl, I thought the Red Baron was an Italian chef who flew a plane so he could get the pizza to people more quickly.  My fantasies were dashed when I tasted the pizza. Seriously, how DO you turn a WWI German Ace fighter pilot into a frozen food brand? Guess … Read more

The Nutcracker

Christmas is over, and we’ve (literally) burned the Christmas tree, because nothing says “Recycle!” like when the city charges you each time you put your dumpster at the curb for pickup. You’d be amazed at how conservative you can be when you are determined to produce as little garbage as possible (although if I weren’t … Read more

How to Make a Simple Viking Costume for Girls

This summer, we had a Viking cosplay and photo shoot with our children. Here is how I made my daughter’s viking dress and accessories: 1). First, I made a very, very simple tunic dress. I cut a tank dress shape with the shoulders on the fold of the fabric. I made the neck of the dress … Read more