Highland Laddie with Great Kilt Tutorial

We’re moving to Scotland this summer, and I’m getting really excited about it. The kids are all dying to learn “Scottish,” and Zach has promised to grow out his beard and buy a kilt (which is possibly the only thing more awesome than being married to a man who wears lederhosen). Stay tuned, because I’m sure we’ll … Read more

Star Wars PLUS Jedi Robe Tutorial

But FIRST: I am on Instagram now @findingstorybookland! Back to your regularly scheduled broadcast: Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, we did something perfect with our kids: we made them Star Wars costumes and dressed them up for fun. Then we let them play with lightsabers and nerf guns, pose in the … Read more

How to Make a Braveheart Brigandine

This last summer, we did a Braveheart Cosplay and LARP with our toddler boys in England (the irony of that location was not lost on us). You can find out all about the photo shoot and see the photos there, but I wanted to give more details on the brigandines, because they were quite simple … Read more

Brave Hearts and Brigandines

When it comes to movies, I love the epic films, especially the ones that pretend to be historical. Films starring Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson are especially high on the list, and if Hans Zimmer or James Horner write the score, my heart will be shredded in forty-seven bits by the time the credits roll. … Read more

Elf Hat Video Tutorial

Late, but as promised, I finally made and posted a video tutorial for the hats I made for our Christmas Elf Photo Shoot. In the interest of full disclosure, there are no baby bloopers this time (sad emoji here) because we filmed after the kids were in bed (which made the whole process so much more … Read more

Sleeping Beauty

Becoming parents changes everything! You go from being these awesome, narcissistic people who think the world revolves around them (and maybe it does) to these absolute puddles who rearrange everything to revolve around these tiny creatures less than two feet tall. For example, My husband went from being a guy who didn’t even own his own … Read more

Video Tutorial: Make a Lined, Hooded Cape

Guess what? My hooded cloak tutorial is the most viewed post on this site with 5000 views this month alone (in not-entirely-unrelated news, Happy Halloween!). Thanks, internet friends! Even Google has put me on the first page when you search for DIY hooded cloaks, so you know it’s legit. Don’t worry, I won’t let it … Read more