Fly Me to the Moon

My daughter has been telling me since she was four years old that she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. This all changed the other day when she visited a local science exhibit for kids on the topic of space exploration. There, some practical and very blunt German science teachers told her that when astronauts are … Read more

Family Photo Day

People frequently ask how we get our children to look at the camera and smile all the time. So I would like to go on the record and be completely honest and lay out the Facts of Family Photo Day: Fact #1: We try to take family photos at least once a year, just to prove that … Read more

Joan of Arc

I love strong, powerful women. My mother is one. I try to be one. I want my daughter to be one. I love the story of Joan of Arc. It’s not a fairy tale, it has absolutely nothing to do with outward beauty, and it has a horribly tragic ending. Not much like our other photo … Read more

Alphabet Book, Part 3

There’s not very much that stays consistent between our three children. Personalities, size at their various stages of life, parenting styles… I can try and make it sound pretty, but we definitely have a little Third Child Syndrome going on. When our first child graduated to a toddler bed, Zach made her this gorgeous, custom … Read more