On Safari

It’s springtime! Everything is in bloom here in Scotland, which makes my heart happy. My four year old picked a dandelion and brought it to me the other day. “Here is a sunshine flower I picked for you, Mommy!” he said. “We should plant some of these in our yard!” I smiled at his perspective. And … Read more

DIY Vintage Propaganda Posters

A while back we began experimenting with recreating old WWII era propaganda and recruiting posters.  After much trial and error, we are happy with the way they are turning out.  We wanted to be able to share an easy tutorial on how to make your own, but we kept holding off because each poster was … Read more

War Stories: The Quiet Professionals

Last week, in a 72-hour period of time, we lost 6 of America’s most elite warriors: Army Special Forces soldiers. It was a huge blow to the Special Operations community, but especially the brotherhood informally referred to as the Green Berets. Army Special Forces truly are the quiet professionals, best known for their unofficial anthem, “The … Read more

War Stories: Vietnam and the Loss of Innocence

Today our children are wearing little red poppies on their school uniforms for Remembrance Day (or, in the US, Veterans’ Day). At school, from the wee ones up through the older classes, they held two minutes of silence at “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” in remembrance of the cessation of hostilities … Read more

War Stories: The Boys of Normandy

Since I last posted, our family has been through the end of the school year, a career change, an international move, a couple of epic trips, two seasonal wardrobe changes, and more than one bottle of wine. Over the last year, there has been a significant switch in the tone of our photo shoots, as we’ve really … Read more

Elsa, The Ice Queen

About two years ago, my sister-in-law called to say that she wanted to make Frozen costumes for the kids for Christmas and she wondered whether my daughter would like to be Elsa or Anna. Only one of those people has ice powers, so, duh! I’ve always wanted to do an Elsa photo shoot in the … Read more

Highland Laddie with Great Kilt Tutorial

We’re moving to Scotland this summer, and I’m getting really excited about it. The kids are all dying to learn “Scottish,” and Zach has promised to grow out his beard and buy a kilt (which is possibly the only thing more awesome than being married to a man who wears lederhosen). Stay tuned, because I’m sure we’ll … Read more