About Us

We are Zach and Hannah- Learners, traders, and story tellers. We fell madly in love and married in 2007, and find ourselves, a decade later, travelling the world as both expats and tourists, living the dream with our fourĀ children in tow.

Finding Storybookland began when we took our hobby of amateur photography and introduced an element of story weaving, adding costumes and props and fairy tales into every photo shoot with our children. With time, and as our children grew older, the fables turned to history and literature (and sometimes just geeking out). It is our goal to tell the stories of every culture and every generation to our children– tales of heroism and bravery; tales of happy endings and tales of sacrifice; to help them better understand the world and their place in it.

When we’re not taking pictures, we’re touring around our current home near Edinburgh, Scotland, trying gourmet recipes, or reading the Harvard Business Review.

If you are interested in doing a guest post, want to book a photo shoot, or just want some help with a theme idea, please feel free to contact us.