DIY Vintage Propaganda Posters

A while back we began experimenting with recreating old WWII era propaganda and recruiting posters.  After much trial and error, we are happy with the way they are turning out.  We wanted to be able to share an easy tutorial on how to make your own, but we kept holding off because each poster was an individual work of art in Photoshop and required a significant amount of time to produce.  We finally figured out how to standardize most of the efforts.  Here is a collection of the finished product.  Below the pictures, I’ve included links to download the free photoshop poster templates we created and a link to my etsy shop where you can buy the photoshop actions I developed to quickly recreate the old poster look.

findingstorybookland vintage propaganda poster recreation

Finding Storybookland Americana Join the Navy Recruiting Poster

Finding Storybookland Americana You Give Him Wings Recruiting Poster


Here are the free photoshop vintage WWII propaganda poster templates.  Some of them are rather large, so the .psd files are saved in individual zip files.

Some people have reported issues with downloading the zip files, so you can also access the uncompressed versions from this Dropbox link. If you have any issues, you can reach me at

For the Photoshop actions to posterize your photos so they work with the poster backgrounds, head over to Etsy!

I’m very interested to see how you use these, so please send pictures and feedback!

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