Elsa, The Ice Queen

About two years ago, my sister-in-law called to say that she wanted to make Frozen costumes for the kids for Christmas and she wondered whether my daughter would like to be Elsa or Anna.

Only one of those people has ice powers, so, duh!

I’ve always wanted to do an Elsa photo shoot in the snow, because nothing says “I’m a responsible parent” like dragging your kindergartener out into the snow wearing a thin ball gown to belt out songs about how the cold doesn’t affect her, and taking pictures so you can impress all your mom friends who are waiting with bated breath on Pinterest whilst sipping their second glass of wine.

And by glass I mean bottle. Because toddlers. Ahem.

Elsa’s crown is kind of lame (haters gonna hate). There I said it. In my recent craft foam obsession, I’ve been doing all kinds of weird and wonderful things with the stuff, and super cool crowns were on my radar, right behind armor. So I designed the kind of crown *I* wanted Elsa to have, cut the pieces out of craft foam, wove them together, and finally, painted and bejeweled my masterpiece. I will be posting the pattern!

Finally, in March, after school, on a 38 degree day, it began to snow. Against all odds, it even began to stick to the ground in lovely layers. My daughter raced upstairs to grab her dress and her turquoise fleece-lined long underwear (because the cold actually does bother her). We found a nearby field, and there, in the absolute stillness of the snowfall, we belted out “Let it Go” together so she wouldn’t feel awkward singing alone while I took pictures.

Because I really am a good mom. I promise.

After five minutes she said her hands felt cold, so we hopped back in the car and went home. So… short, sweet, and memorable. Here are the pictures:

Finding Storybookland Elsa

Finding Storybookland Elsa

Finding Storybookland Elsa

Finding Storybookland Elsa

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