Superman and Perfectionism

Hello, I’m Hannah, and I’m a recovering perfectionist.

“Hi, Hannah.”

When I had a third child, my supermom veneer cracked (shattered). These amazing and tiny creatures (especially the tiniest one) can empty the bookshelves, the dishwasher, the kitchen cabinets, and every dresser drawer in the time it takes me to say, “Please don’t lick maple syrup off the floor,” or “Oh, you found mommy’s fingernail polish,” or “I’ll explain that a little better when you are older.” When they band together, they are a formidable force. A formidable dirty-laundry-creating force.

Mostly, I’ve learned to run with it. I like adventure, I like my kids, and I love a challenge, so I would be completely set for the ride if I could only find the car keys that the baby threw away.  But sometimes there is this little part of me that decides it’s my way or the highway and throws an (internal) tantrum worthy of the terrible twos when things don’t go as I’d envisioned.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Superman pictures all over Pinterest. Who hasn’t? Everyone has done them now, and they’re all just completely adorable, but Zach and I had this great idea that we were going to take it to the next level by adding Lois Lane in, and we were going to do it downtown at the Mercedes-Benz museum, and we were going to blow up the internets with our awesomeness DOT COM. The problem is that our gorgeous Saturday suddenly turned rainy and the kids fell asleep in the car on the way, and we got stuck in traffic, turning a 30-minute drive into an hour, and when we arrived, Superman had his knickers in a (kryptonite-ish) twist, and “How did we forget the flash?” happened, and everyone was hungry, and Zach finally said, “Should we forget it and do it another time?” and I was all, “After all we’ve been through? Heck, no!” And so we proceeded.

Since Lois Lane was the only amiable member of our cosplaying twosome, we took her photos first.

Finding Storybookland

And then we showed Superman all the cute ideas we had in an effort to cheer him up.

Finding Storybookland

But it didn’t work. He did not want to smile. Period.

Finding Storybookland

Being in a rather stubborn and determined mood, I decided to enroll our new little understudy so we could just get the pictures taken already. Costume switch!

Finding Storybookland

Wow, good thing we have two boys! Is it always this handy to have more kids?

Finding Storybookland

Do you think we can get him to do the same thing as that boy I saw on Pinterest?

Finding Storybookland

No? Okay. Still cute.Finding Storybookland

Wait, what are you doing with my baby?

Finding Storybookland

STOP! DON’T KILL MY CHILD! Wait… How high do you have to throw him for me to be able to crop you out and not even need to photoshop the picture?

Finding Storybookland

Okay cool. And that’s a wrap, you adorable little guy!

Finding Storybookland

So not too bad, huh? But, I’m ashamed to say, once we got home and I looked through the pictures, I was bummed that we hadn’t really even touched my “vision” for the shoot. And then I couldn’t find a good processing setting for them. And WHY hadn’t I chosen a better angle, or remembered the flash, or combed Lois Lane’s hair, or a dozen other things. So I sat on these pictures for nine months, not really sure what to do with them because they didn’t really meet the standard I had set for them, and even though I personally liked them, I felt insecure about showing them to anyone because I thought I could have/should have done better. God forbid that I should give the internet sub-par pictures.

After all that time, I have finally come around, and you know what? I love these pictures. Life happened, and they weren’t what I’d dreamed up in my head, but they are pictures I love of the people I do life with. And no moment (or picture) with these sweet babies is ever a waste.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to check on the living room remodel they’re working on.

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