Fox Hunting

I love fall. Love the clothes, the food, the holidays, the colors. This is my season. And, it’s more awesome than ever now that I know how to make pumpkin soup (thanks, Germany, for enriching my life). I make it about once a week and scrape the kids leftovers from their bowls, because it would be a sin to let so much as a drop go to waste.

Speaking of Germany, and I’ve probably mentioned this before, you find the most random stuff at flea markets here, and I kept seeing these black velvet hats for tiny equestrian types, and after a while, I began forming plans. I have a special kind of glasses: they rank every single thing I see based on whether it is useful in a photo shoot. Every place I go, every object I lay eyes on, everything I eat… just kidding. That would be weird. Anyway, after a few helmet sightings, I began to ponder a fox hunting cosplay┬álike those English countryside paintings you always see. Also, I have been wondering for months now if the fox really does say “Ring-ding-ding-ding…” and all that other stuff.

I made red jackets for all three of the kids. We paired these with khaki pants, white shirts, and various hats and pipes. For props, we pulled out the riding whip we used in our Indiana Jones cosplay and the Radio Flyer horse from our cowboy and indian photo shoot. Oh, and a fox, of course.

This was a fun, whimsical shoot to include all three children in, and their personalities really came out as we let them take charge of their play.


Fox Hunting Themed Childrens photo shoot 3


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