Patriotic Pinup

And just in time for the 4th of July too.

One of the– I don’t want to say “problems”– one of the concerns I have had with themed photo shoots was that I would trap myself in a corner age-wise and not be able to think beyond a toddler level. Not that you can’t dress up like Anna and Elsa when you are thirty years old, because I do it all the time. Actually, I don’t so much dress up as I belt out the songs and dance around the house with my kiddos and hum them all day when I wash the dishes or fold the laundry, and wake up with random lines stuck in my head. Usually Olaf lines. Is that normal? And I do have some charming shots of my husband being “Princess Daddy,” so we’re really open-minded over here, BUT the truth remains that I’ve needed a venture into new territory.

When I set up the Americana mini sessions, I had two gorgeous teenage girls on my list. The amazing thing about this whole project has been that it held so much meaning for so many people. They were no exception: the girls’ grandfather was a POW in World War II. They have his uniform and offered to bring and wear it for the shoot!

Holly, their mom, did some amazing styling magic and really really came up with the whole sort of pin-up look which I LOVE.

I love these pictures because they are fresh, gorgeous, full of meaning, fun, and patriotic. I practically want to hang them on my wall, and they aren’t even my kids!


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