Rosie the Riveter

Is there anything in this world better than an awesome photo shoot?¬†Let me re-phrase that. Other than heavenly things like a new season of Sherlock or a banana split from Braum’s or Girl Scout cookie season or true love’s first kiss….

Don’t you love getting a good idea for a photo shoot? And even better is an awesome idea that requires only STUFF YOU ALREADY HAVE and ONE good shot. Because you can do that, like, TODAY. It goes from conception to being open for Facebook comments in less than a day, and you know you are rocking it if you have Facebook comments.

Rosie the Riveter is iconic. I am far from the first person to go for a re-creation, but this was really, really special to me because my five-year-old adores history, especially WWII history (Like, I bought her a history atlas the other day and the first sentence out of her mouth was, “Hey, that’s Mussolini!” She gets her history-brains¬†from her father.). So Rosie MEANS something to her and represents something to me as her mom, as I raise my daughter to be a strong woman.

Doing this shoot up right requires THREE THINGS: are you ready?

-Yellow backdrop (you could even do that part later, but I am lazy).

-Blue blouse

-Red polka-dot bandanna (I had a pink one, so that’s what I used).

Thank me later. But please do it on Facebook.

Rosie the Riveter
Combining Photography and WWII History for the win!

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