Indiana Jones (And The Great Treasure Hunt)

Cue the trumpet theme from Indiana Jones, because it’s totally playing in my head right now… mostly courtesy of Lego Indiana Jones for XBox which, incidentally, was just about the only video game my husband and I could play together and remain married…. back when we were newlyweds. Now we can also play Lego Lord of the Rings and remain married.

Dangit! Now I have THAT music stuck in my head.

At any rate, we’ve been talking about doing an Indiana Jones cosplay for-prettymuch-ever. Actually, I think we were talking about it before we ever even began doing themed photo shoots. But it was really a pie-in-the-sky idea then, because where, for Pete’s sake, were we going to get the right fedora and whip (we all know that the key to an awesome stylized photo shoot is the little things)? As it turns out, Germany! Unless you have ever been to a German “flohmarkt”– which I assume is the equivalent of our “flea market” language-wise, but is actually like a neighborhood garage sale all in one building or parking lot– you cannot appreciate the joy we Americans get rummaging through foreigners’ stuff. Actually, to be precise, we are the foreigners; they are the locals. And they get rid of the most AWESOME stuff! If I bring home any more antique chairs, though, I’m pretty sure Zach will suspend my allowance (how many chairs have I bought, you ask? Um….so far 15. I did re-sell 2.).

Ahem. Indiana Jones. So at the flohmarket, I found the perfect felt fedora for my man-child and a perfect little leather riding whip. The jacket I bought on ebay for the Red Baron shoot I did a while back, and the other clothes were his everyday ones. The grail we just had lying around (doesn’t everybody?), so the costume for this shoot cost me a whopping 5 Euro.

The truth about photo shoots with my son– with any child, really– is that sometimes, even though the costumes are great and the props are fun, he gets bored by photo number 10, or he gets stuck in a rut of the one thing he wants to do over and over (whip the ground). This time, though, my husband had the idea to shake up our usual routine a bit by introducing a treasure hunt. We set up the grail with a gummy inside and told “Indie” to walk slowly toward it, look at it, pick it up, etc., and find his “treasure.” He liked that. He liked it so much, he whipped the ground some more. And that, friends, is the joy of childhood.

For the processing, you can get this and other Lightroom presets from my Etsy Shop.

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