Thumbelina & Tom Thumb

I am bewildered by Pinterest. Five minutes in, I am torn between wanting to work out and wanting to stuff my mouth full of beautiful cakes and pies; thinking skinny is better and thinking curves are beautiful; and of course there’s the quandry of ignoring all my household responsibilities and leave my kids to rummage for Cheerios in order to spend hours observing the most revolutionary cleaning and cooking tips of all time.

Zach never gives in to confusion; he welcomes Pinterest with open arms. So one evening, he was pinning stuff on my boards (I was probably either working out or eating cake) and said, “Hey! We should make these and do a Thumbelina cosplay.” Immediately, as if by magic, my mind became a virtual pinboard filled with fairy wings, pixie hats, and butterfly fabric. So we high-tailed it to Walmart with all the rest of the crazies in town to shop for supplies for our monstrous flower project.

I made a couple of whimsical costumes, and even sharpened my very rusty crocheting skills to crank out a pixie hat. We found some cute wings on sale at the Disney outlet (but you can make wings or even find them at Dollar Tree if it is near Halloween), and a giant butterfly at Pier 1.  The unicorn we found on Craigslist (for the life of me, I can’t remember how I stumbled upon a unicorn, but thank heaven for that). We fluffed out our flower collection with some giant gerbera daisies came from Hobby Lobby.

And then we made the flowers.

About these flowers: Here’s the link, but we modified them. Unfortunately, I didn’t take production pictures, and the flowers are now long gone, having been destroyed in our overseas move. But the tutorial there is pretty good, especially with the following changes:

1). For the flowers themselves, the tissue paper wasn’t sturdy enough to hold its own shape at all, so we had to wire it. We just used floral wire and curved it into a petal shape. Then we used a spray adhesive (so much better than glue sticks) to sandwich it between the petal layers (do yourself a favor and do this outdoors. We did it indoors one evening after putting our kids to bed. While watching Office Space. The living room was pretty stinky, and it had nothing to do with the movie.).

2). For the stems, we used pipe insulation instead of the stucco wiring. To sturdy it up, we used a couple of wire hangars.  This was both cheaper and simpler (i.e. everything was available at Walmart).  You could also use pool noodles to good effect.

Thumbelina themed children's photo shoot

For the processing, you can get this and other Lightroom presets from my Etsy Shop.

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