Fast and Furious

Italians are brilliant artists. They make the best food, the best wine, the best art, the best cars (So why do they skip out on the deodorant? I’ll never know)…. Oh cars. There’s nothing like hitting the autobahn at 160 kilometers an hour and being left in the dust of a Lamborghini. You almost forgive them just because their car is beautiful. In fact, we were in Zurich a few weeks ago, and there was a Lamborghini (“Can I call it a ‘Ghini? I’d like to think we’re close enough to be on a nickname basis.”) parked in front of a shop. Totally unattended. I asked Zach, “Do you think we could put Caleb on it just to take a picture?” He told me we couldn’t. Less than a minute later, though, a whole group of school aged boys walked past and went absolutely berserk, peering in the windows, taking selfies of themselves in front of it, touching it… Opportunity LOST. Now all my Facebook friends will never know I saw one.

But anyway, back when we were stateside, I walked into Tuesday Morning one fine Tuesday morning (yep, that just happened) and saw a child’s Ferrari race car on clearance. I called Zach to make sure it was okay to blow the grocery budget on another photo prop. And then I went home and found an adorable set of children’s race car driver pajamas on eBay. It was time to shake and bake, baby.

Sort of. We got the kids to bed so late the night before our little cosplay that Caleb was really pretty grumpy. He didn’t want to smile, and he only let me put sunglasses on him when I promised him a gummy vitamin at home (it’s a vitamin- right?- so I sometimes feel like I’m not so much bribing him as tricking him into eating something healthy AND doing what I want.). At some point, he really got into driving the car, and I left optimistic. Interestingly enough, some of the best pictures are of the moments when his grumpy side was on display– he looks JUST like a NASCAR driver in those. Proving you never know just how a shoot is going until you look at the pictures.

Oh- so here’s something that I didn’t plan but loved: I brought a pair of aviator sunglasses as one of those “just in case” things, and I’m glad I did. They were so reflective, I caught some fun shots of the car reflected in the glasses.

Finally, when it was time to process the pictures, Zach and I created a really fun preset for Lightroom. It’s included in my Lightroom preset collection on Etsy. Here you can see the BEFORE and AFTER.

Finding Storybook Land Race Car lightroom Preset download


Here are some of my favorite pictures of our race car cosplay:

Finding storybookland tutorial and photo guide for conducting a race car themed children's photoshoot

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