Hansel & Gretel and Gingerbread House Tutorial

Aren’t boxes a dream toy? When my daughter was a baby, we  put her on the floor and let her play in a box for hours. She would sit in it, crawl in it… her uncles/my brothers called it her recording studio… they made a sign for it and everything. It was also the spaceship through which she traveled to visit her dear friends the Martians. You know, as six month olds DO.

Anyway, my kids still love to play in boxes, and with a recent trans-Atlantic move under our belt, boxes have been in abundance around here, which we’ve made into tunnels, houses, hats, bracelets (my daughter’s idea: the biggest bracelet in the WORLD!).

We found a huge box. YOOOUGE, as The Donald (and I don’t mean the Duck) would say, and we have always wanted to do a Hansel and Gretel cosplay and photo session for-pretty-much-ever, so work commenced. We went with the whole German Half Timber look of exposed beams by masking-taping the “framework” and then spray-painting.

Parapet Photography

Parapet Photography

After the spray paint had dried, we pulled the tape off and began decorating. The shingles were construction paper, the door and windows were simple cuts with a knife, the rest was just a little free-hand squiggling in multiple colors of paint. I actually bought a couple of smocks and let the kids do some of the painting and construction paper-candy making, which delighted them so much that the perfectionist in me was appeased even though they colored outside the lines. Once we had the basics done, we cut out and decorated some cardboard gingerbread men and construction paper lollipops.

Parapet Photography

Overall, the house was fairly straight forward to construct and decorate and we had the liederhosen on hand (we do live in Germany).  The candy was procured from a local mall (and helped keep the kids happy and smiling).  As for as the location for the shoot, we just dragged the box to the woods behind our house and had some fun.

A basic guide on how to do a Hansel and Gretel themed children's photo shoot with tutorials, prop and location ideas

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