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Friends, FRIENDS, my daughter thinks I am the best woman in the world! It melts my heart.

During her bedtime prayers the other night, she asked God to help her to grow up to “do all the stuff that Mommy does.” Then the other day, she told me, “I am going to grow up to be a Mommy-Teacher-Astronaut. I will let Grandma watch my children when I go to space…. BUT Grandma might be dead then.” After an awkward pause in which I found myself speechless, I offered to watch her children when she goes to space.

My son is definitely a daddy’s boy now. This is a recent development, and while I loved his mommy’s boy phase, I find it equally adorable that he wants to be JUST like his Daddy now. If my husband has his hands in his pockets, my son puts his hands in his own pockets. If daddy is wearing boots, my son will wear no other kind of shoes.

Even better than mimicking mommy and daddy is Being Allowed To Wear Mommy’s/Daddy’s Things. And not just for the kids. Actually, it’s very nostalgic for us to see our little mini-me kiddos tromp around the house wearing our things (especially since we both did the same thing with OUR parents’ clothes back in the day). Which brings me to this photo shoot. I really wanted to capture their love in pictures while they still think we hung the moon. Hopefully that lasts for a long time…. until they find out the truth: Grandma hung the moon.

I let them choose anything they wanted out of our closets, accessories, and dress-up bins for the cosplay (I may have directed the two-year-old toward a shirt that I need not protect with utmost care). Then I let them pose and play in our yard and act like grown ups. This produced mirth and giggles and lots of happiness and good memories for this mommy.

Playing Dress Up Photo Shoot

Playing Dress Up Photo Shoot


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